Saturday, March 9, 2013

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show 2013

Jacob Javits Center

The first day of the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show took place last Sunday, March 3, at the Jacob Javits Center. This was my second year attending the show and I had a plan: skip all the restaurant equipment and just try out all food and drink samples while checking out what’s new in the market. The show was just as big but somehow I felt this year’s show was more organized and spacious. There was also no shortage of vendors.

I was greeted with fresh gelato made by the Cattabriga EFFE. It was smooth and creamy. Very good gelato upon first impressions and taste. The machine itself was quite impressive as the gelato maker held out a giant mixing spoon with gelato on it for us to taste.
Cattabriga EFFE

Fresh Gelato!
After that, I made a beeline to the Japan section on the right. This was where there would be a lot of hot food and ramen samples. I was right. I tried a variety of ramen and soba. Myojo's ramen noodles were cooked al dente. They had a bite to them and were not overcooked and soggy. Restaurant Nippon was present to demo their famous soba noodles created by Nippon Owner Nobuaki Kuraoka. The noodles come frozen but can be cooked in just eight seconds. Talk about a meal done in a blink of an eye. They paired their cold noodles with a salad. It was very refreshing.
Myojo noodles 
Myojo Shio Ramen
Soba ingredients
Restaurant Nippon Cold Soba with Salad
These savory dishes left me thirsty. Off to find the beverage vendors, I stumbled upon P&H Soda Co., Dr. Smoothie, and spindrift. I was already familiar with P&H Soda Co. since they have a stand at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and are Brooklyn based. This time I got to sample all of their sodas from sarsaparilla and lovage to lime and hibiscus. I learned that sarsaparilla and lovage are roots. Of all the choices, I liked the grapefruit flavor the most. Dr. Smoothie focused on fruit and veggie smoothies (carrot apple and  mango squash). They were a big hit with the crowd and very healthy. Spindrift was similar to San Pellegrino drinks in taste. They were good on their own but the reps highly suggested to use the beverages as mixers. Prosecco anyone?
P&H Soda Co.
Dr. Smoothie
spindrift Seltzer
There was no shortage of meat and poultry. I tasted duck, steak, and breakfast meats. Esposito and Karl Ehmer were on hand serving slices of sweet and savory sausages. One that particularly stood out was the chicken apple of Esposito. Master Purveyors had a whole collection of cuts to showcase but it was the steak slices Two Rivers Certified Tender that really stole the show. I have never tasted a juicier and flavorful steak before served rare. They offer three cuts: ribeye, striploin, and tenderloin.
Esposito Chicken Apple Sausage
Master Purveyors Inc. Meat
Karl Ehmer Sausages
Two Rivers Certified Tender juicy steak
And now for the fun things at the show. From a Jelly Belly frozen yogurt machine to mascot outfits, amuse and entertainment was in every corner. 
Jelly Belly flavored Frozen Yogurt
Mascot Costumes
Can’t wait for next year’s show!

Jacob Javits Center New York

Esposito Sausage