Friday, January 2, 2015

Green-Wood Cemetery Visit

Green-Wood Cemetery Entrance
Green-Wood is a famous cemetery in Brooklyn. For me, it is the Pere Lachaise of the United States. It's filled with famous people, historical figures, and beautiful tombstones. Even if you don't know someone buried there, there are reasons to visit. It's a tourist attraction complete with bus tours and trolleys. It is large enough where if you are on foot you may be caught out of breath. If you have your own car, I highly recommend bringing it so you can drive through the cemetery and just park whenever you feel like walking around.
Green-Wood Chapel
Since Green-Wood is a cemetery, first and foremost, be respectful. I have visited the mausoleum and it is well maintained and very clean. There is plenty of room and seating to take a moment to pay respects. There is an area outside where you can burn incense or set up offerings to your ancestors. Funeral services are kept in line with culture and religion.

Upon entering, you will receive a map. Visit the graves of the Morse family, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Leonard Bernstein, the Tiffany family, and more.

One of the many elaborate tombstones.
If you are into letterboxing, Green-Wood is a great location to scavenger hunt.

Look for a letterbox in a tree.
Leave your mark!
Climb the highest natural elevation point in Brooklyn: Battle Hill.

Set aside a good three hours to view the cemetery. It is subway accessible. There is a small bakery deli across the street. Have a picnic. There are a few benches scattered and a nice lake. Watch out for the birds and wild parrots and hold on to your map so you don't get lost.

Green-Wood Cemetery
500 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232