Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Streets 2013

There is only one Saturday left for Summer Streets!
Runners, Rollerbladers, Cyclists
Summer Streets is a three weekend event in NYC where more than six miles in Manhattan is closed down and open only for pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders, paddle skateboarders, etc. Basically, no cars!

At every few blocks are exercise stations, yoga, entertainment, raffles, and free food sponsored by various businesses. It is great fun for families and everyone who wants to come out and play.
Rock Climbing sponsored by REI and GoPro
REI Visa Photo Booth
For the first time in history, the Park Avenue Tunnel was closed down and turned into an interactive light show. They allowed people to come up to a microphone and say anything they want for 15 seconds of airtime. People sang, chanted, told jokes, and made spooky sounds. The tunnel flashed lights and alternated with darkness. It was an interesting perspective of a tunnel we usually only get to pass through in a car.
Leave the bikes at the valet!
Waiting for the light show.
Say anything or serenade the tunnel.
Make your way out towards the Met Life building.
Some helpful hints for those attending the last Summer Streets on Saturday, August 17.

*Get there early. Summer Streets begins at 7 AM. There are less people in the morning. This means parking spaces (if you must bring a car), short lines, and less chances bumping into other cyclists and pedestrians.

*If you want a bike helmet go straight to the Midtown rest stop at East 25th Street and Park Avenue. The Department of Transportation offers free bike helmet fittings and a free bike helmet to all adults and children. All sizes are available and the styles now are much for stylish than the ol' bright green florescent helmets they used to give out.

*If you are curious about the Park Avenue Tunnel, get in line before 11 AM. The line snakes around the block but the line moves. Anticipate standing in line for about half an hour. You must fill out a waiver. After 11 AM, they close the line due to the crowds.

*For safety reasons, cyclists stay on the left half side of the street and pedestrians stay on the right half. Do not cross over or stop for no reason. This can cause a collision. Always pay attention and slow down when you get close to other bikers and pedestrians.

*Bring a backpack to carry around all the free stuff you will be aquiring. Also make sure you bring your own water bottle. Stay hydrated. There are water fountains along the way for you to refill your bottle.


Summer Streets