About Me

Hi there. I'm Rox

I fled suburban sunny California for life in the Big Apple.

I packed one week's worth of clothes in a carry on suitcase and made a deal with myself. If I did not find a job within one month, I would go back to Smalltown, USA and let go of my city aspirations.

Two jobs later and a burgeoning career, I find myself living, breathing, eating my way through, and experiencing everything New York City has to offer.

I am a writer, business development specialist, music lover, arts enthusiast, funny girl, epicurean, and free spirit. I am currently open to freelance work. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to e-mail me at roxwriting@gmail.com.

I stopped eating Spam (the food) a long time ago but my masthead makes me want to try it again. I also don't appreciate junk mail. After all, Spam Is Better Fried.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Contact Information                           
e-mail: roxwriting@gmail.com              
twitter: @Roxwriting