Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stella & Dot Fall Trunk Show

Ivie Drops earrings top left. Kimberly Necklace bottom left.
Baubles, shiny semi-precious stones, bracelets, dangly earrings, and lariats. I had a grown woman’s jewelry box and more at my fingertips. It was like being in a jewelry store and being able to touch the merchandise without a retail clerk telling you no or looking at you in a condescending manner. I was amongst friends and we were all playing dress up. This was the Stella & Dot experience.

Stella & Dot is like a modern Tupperware party. The jewelry is sold through word of mouth, usually hosted at someone’s home or catering to a New Yorker’s schedule and at a bar. Guests pick out what they want, pay on the spot, and within a week get their orders delivered. Each piece of jewelry comes in a cute box wrapped with tissue and a fortune mantra. The feeling is uplifting and happy.

I am by no means a girly girl. I rarely ever wear jewelry. I don’t get excited by the color pink or having to dress up for a fancy party but I felt at home with Stella & Dot. The pieces were versatile and understated. They are what you make of them and can become more of a statement piece depending on how you wear them or understated for the simple amount of flair that you need just to call a little attention to your outfit and personality.  
Top right Wanderlust Triple Wrap. Bottom right Hudson Leather Wrap.
In between trying on jewelry and getting opinions from each other we noshed on cupcakes, fruit, and crudite while sipping on wine and soda. It was a relaxing environment and laid back. We had an abundance of natural light being in a high rise apartment and had a photographer present. At first I felt it was a little odd that someone was snapping pictures of us in our jewelry but then I got into it. I didn’t ask what the pictures would be used for or if I would get to see the final pictures. All of a sudden I felt like a model, beautiful, and glamorous. My friends and I posed for the camera, held our wrists out to showcase our leather bracelets, and slung bags over our shoulders.   
Union Square Scarf (left). Madison Tech Bag (right).
I never felt pressured to buy anything or even participate but if you lingered long enough at the trunk show inevitably you’d try on something. I found myself gravitating towards colorful stones and chunky necklaces. Our stylist Jennifer Sutton went around the room showing us how to wear pieces and encouraged us to try things on by draping pieces on our wrists and necklines. I only had to tell her a firm, “No.” once to stop. We all have our own personal tastes and comfort levels.
Stella & Dot display
I will admit I did not know how to maneuver some of the pieces of jewelry and wondered how I could even pull off wearing certain things. The nice thing was that it was a very supportive environment and our stylist really pointed us in the right direction using herself as an example and showing us Stella & Dot tutorials on how to wear scarves, how to jazz up a little black dress, or how to dress up from day to night. The videos were short and fun. I left with the feeling that I had gained a little more style over the past three hours. Overall, my first Stella & Dot trunk show back in August “Fall into Effortless Chic” was a great experience. I got to catch up with friends and do a little shopping. It was a treat for me.
Modeling jewelry with Agnes.
Stella & Dot trunk shows are exclusive and if you’d like to attend one get in touch with your local stylist by locating them on the Stella & Dot website. You can even host your own show and earn a complimentary hostess gift of your choice.   

Stella & Dot

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