Friday, January 13, 2012

Say It With Legos- I Love New York

NYC Tourism Ads
My New York is the kind I see in the movies. It's clean, romanticized, busy, full of lights and filled with lots and lots of cheer. Magical things happen throughout the day and treats abound. I love the adventure and rewards that happen if you give the city a chance.

If I take a walk after work, I stroll down Fifth Avenue and pass by Rockefeller Center. Rock Center is a madhouse, especially during the holidays. A lot flock to see the tree but others could care less and want to avoid it at all costs year round. There's really only one thing I care about in Rock Center and that's The Lego Store.

The Lego Store is filled with dioramas depicting famous NY icons, landmarks, and scenes. Here are my favorite which I feel represents my NY.

Ice Skating at Rock Center
The Statue of Prometheus by sculptor Paul Manship is quintessential Rock Center, as is the skating rink. I have taken so many photos in front of this statue from when I was a toddler all the way to last year. I've never skated at Rock Center. It never interested me, is so expensive, and most spectators laugh at and ridicule the people skating. I do, however, love ice skating. I highly recommend Wollman Rink in Central Park for a classic New York City ice skating experience.

Central Park Horse and Carriage Ride
I have been brainwashed by the movies to believe that being pulled by a horse through Central Park is exciting and romantic. In reality, it's expensive and smells like horse poop. Look at the Lego horse. It looks sad, much like the horses in real life. Okay, I'm not going to lie. I still want to experience this just to say I've done it.

NY is a wonderful city that supports live music. The shows at parks and such attract big crowds. The energy is great and for sure I'd be part of that scene.

Awww, this is my daily commute on the subway (of course with about 200 more Lego folk). I love how the guy is leaning forward to see if the train is coming.

NY Street Smarts
So here we are, fresh off the subway and on the streets of New York. People move fast and if you don't keep up, you will be pushed aside. Look at the mean guys in the front and back. What I like is that there are four smiling Legos in this scene. Happy people win.

The Lego Store
620 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10020

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Publicity Posters- Old School

One of my favorite jobs was working in the Marketing department for an independent private arts school in Oakland, California. The school focused on music, dance, and art. It was an amazing environment to be in.

Throughout the year, the school had a variety of programs. From fundraisers to music performances and art shows, I spent plenty of hours pushing events and setting up to making sure everything ran smoothly and everyone was in place. The time I spent there was extremely rewarding.

I recently came across these posters I designed. They really take me back to the old school. It's a new year but I'm gonna enjoy this quick trip through memory lane.

Beacon Day School
2101 Livingston St.
Oakland, CA 94606