Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gooby Goo & Peekers go to Gowanus

Gooby Goo & Peekers played their first East Coast show ever at Littlefield in Gowanus, an area in Brooklyn situated along the Gowanus Canal. The neighborhood is industrial and desolate. It was a peculiar choice of venue but fitting for their caliber.

Gooby Goo & Peekers came all the way from Studio City in Southern California. Brooklyn was a pit stop before making their way on to Canada.

Peekers graced the stage in a blue dress reminiscent of Alice of Alice in Wonderland. All that was missing was the white apron and white tights. Gooby Goo played backup for her as she bobbed around on stage. The two went back and forth in banter explaining how they came to be. It’s an inside joke containing polar bears and cutesy nicknames. The strength of this band is in their quirky style.

The Littlefield stage was in the back in a separate room from the front bar. For the most part it is standing room except for two tables and a few chairs along the wall. The room was pitch black and illuminated by the stage lights. Either the equipment at Littlefield is limited or there was no rehearsal for stage lighting. One of the guitarists played the whole time in the dark. The instruments were clear but the microphones made all of the vocals sound muffled. Though not perfect, the night was memorable and an important one. Here's a cheer to firsts in NYC!

622 Degraw St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Gooby Goo & Peekers

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