Thursday, June 30, 2011

Momofuku Beef 7 Ways Dinner

One Momofuku group meal is epic. Two is a feat. As much as I would have loved to try a third, I don't mind at all leaving the extra calories to a friend. Here is Jocy Chang's take on Momofuku Ma Peche.

At Momofuku Ma Peche they have a beef tasting course menu for a set price of $450.  The size of the party can range anywhere from 4 to 8 persons.  Overall, the perfect number is 6 persons if you don't order any other appetizers or sides.  Our party was a size of 8, so we supplemented. Here was our 7 course dinner.

Tendon (Creekstone, KS) - basil, watercress, plum vinaigrette 
Wagyu (Imperial Beef, NE) - ginger, scallion, radish
Meat Pie (Creekstone, KS) - tongue, potato, and caramelized onions
Ribs (Niman Ranch) - kunz ketchup, masago, and scallion
 Cote de Boeuf (4 Story Hill Farm, PA) - butter, thyme, garlic 
 Brisket (Niman Ranch) - marrow, chili jam, garlic
Oxtail Soup (Pineland Farm, ME) - tamarind, mint, cilantro
If you are looking to partake in a Momofuku group dinner, the Bo Ssam may be your best bet as the fried chicken and beef 7 ways seems to underwhelm. If you are used to meals that really knock your socks off in terms of cooking style, ingredients, and presentation, then you will be slightly disappointed with the beef 7 ways. It sounds like a hit or miss. As Jocy reports, the Tendons, Ribs, Meat Pie, and Cote de Beouf were good but not standouts. The tongue in the Meat Pie was overcooked and the Oxtail Soup was sweet. The Wagyu Beef and Brisket are the must get dishes. All these Momofuku group dinners probably have you wondering about the Momofuku Ko dinner. Momofuku Ko will not have a blog post since they do not allow cameras. Food posts without pictures are just not fun. I know.

Photography Credits: Jocy Chang

Momofuku Ma Peche
15 West 56th St.
New York, NY 10019