Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween- Happy NYC Anniversary

When I decided to move back to New York, my goal was to be in NYC by Halloween. I wanted to feel alive in the streets with all the energy of the people. I always thought Halloween was festive and believed it was the perfect time to celebrate the big change in my life. I booked a one way red-eye ticket on October 30th and landed in NYC on October 31st, Halloween.

Instead of going out and wreaking havoc with ghouls and goblins, I decided to stay in. I was tired from my plane ride and the realist in me began to take over. I couldn't party when I had a job to look for!

Four years later, I finally celebrated properly by going to Coney Island's Nights of Horror to get spooked out and walking the streets of Greenwich Village to check out all the costumes. If you are ever in New York for Halloween, I highly recommend checking out the Village. It's free entertainment all the way.


Thor and Captain America

Dr. Who



Shake it Peep Show!


Day of the Dead 

Pan Am 

Happy 4 Years New York! Thanks for the memories.

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