Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Love for Queens Love

“Queens Love is a collaboration of people living in Queens, here to show you the things we love (mostly food).” –Queens Love

An inner lip “QUEENS” tattoo. A fluffy creamy Napoleon. A neighborhood in transition. Cherry blossoms in bloom. Street food in Corona. Entire lambs for sale at the meat market. Churro season. The sunset from the Queensboro Plaza subway platform. Noguchi’s famed sculptures. Little India. Little Nepal. Chinatown. These are just a few of the posts on the Queens Love blog that celebrate Queens’ beauty, diversity, and individuality.

Raspado in the Summer on Roosevelt Avenue
February 14 marked a day of roses, hugs, kisses, chocolates, wine, and dinner for many to celebrate love and St. Valentine’s Day. For a group of 12 vibrant and eager Queens residents, February 14th marked the debut of their new adventure, the Queens Love blog. The goal of the blog was to celebrate all things Queens and to show how great of a borough it is. 

I have to admit. I visit the blog daily, sometimes multiple times, even if I’m one of the people responsible for creating content for the blog. It’s become a little obsession of mine and I cheer quietly to myself when I come across something awesome. I mentally bookmark places and restaurants I learn about through the blog. I pause and appreciate the simple things and beauty a picture can capture of a neighborhood and instance in Queens. Through the blog, I’ve re-connected with my neighborhood, ever so proud to be a part of such a project and the fact that I have chosen Queens to be my home. Queens is my borough and there is so much to share and love about it.

As time progresses and the blog gains in visibility, I’ve noticed a little community being born out of it. The group of 12, once strangers, are now friends. We’ve expanded our team and thus expanded our territory. We’ve gotten a great response from the public through Twitter and the blog itself. Anyone can post their Queens experiences and thoughts on the blog. You just have to have some love for the borough and a Tumblr account. Look forward to a Facebook page because it’s coming soon to a computer near you.

BTW, if you noticed the Queens Love logo, the cute little magenta heart, it was created by Stella Dacuma Schour, the same artist who designed my Spam Is Better Fried masthead. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. 

Twitter: @QNSLUV

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