Friday, January 25, 2013

Pokemon Party

Once in awhile, my friends and I like the have a theme night. We pick a movie to watch and then cook dinner influenced by elements of the movie. Our most recent dinner was a Pokemon party. Did you know there has been 18 Pokemon movies made? That's one too many for me to watch but I did have fun coming up with ideas for dishes to make.

My friends compiled a list of possible dishes. These were not made but they sounded interesting:

- Jiggly Cream Puff
- Machop and Applesauce
- Arancini Bulbasaur
- Pidgey in a Blanket
- Sauteed Swiss Charizard
- Egg and Cheese Rattata

Here are a few pictures of what was brought and made for the party:
Pokeball tomato, olive, and mozzarella cheese
Gotta eat em all!
Fried Magikarp with Chili Sauce
Pokeball Pizza
Pork Buns
Bulbasaur Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Vanilluxe Ice Cream
Eating was fun and the movie was a little slow but in between both we brought out some old toys to put together and play with.
Pokemon world!
Pokemon at your service!
Pokemon understands how I feel at work.
Before the Pokemon movie we had a bbq and a Phoenix Wright night. What will be our next theme night? Any suggestions?

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