Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brooklyn: Sledding in Prospect Park

Nemo left us with a foot of snow and I have pictures to prove it. The City dealt with it pretty well. Around 3 o'clock on Friday, everyone started preparing for their journey home. Limited train schedules and subway delays had prompted early dismissals from work. By five, Midtown and Times Square felt like a ghost town. Connecticut had declared a state of emergency and events in New Jersey were already cancelled.

NYC Parks sponsored Snow Day
I took advantage of the snow the next day by heading out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. NYC Parks was sponsoring a snow day with free hot chocolate, sledding, and snow angel contests. We had our own sleds and did what other New Yorkers did: lugged them on the subway and walked a few avenues to get to the park.

What fun it was. I had never gone sledding before. There is a rush going down the hill and a moment of terror and fear right before taking the plunge. It was amazing to see the range of sleds people had from age appropriate sleds and wooden ones to plastic ones and inflatable tubes. No sled? Some were really resourceful and used plastic tub lids and cardboard boxes to garbage can lids and 8 inch cutting boards.

Prospect Park
Some sledding etiquette I'd like to share:

1) Wait your turn. Don't cut in line. Patience! You won't be standing on top of that hill for more than 5 minutes before sliding down.

2) Wait until your path is clear. Are there children or adults in your way? If so, give them a minute to get out of your way. It is your job to avoid a collision. If you find yourself headed for one, take a sharp turn to stop!

3) After your run, don't walk back up the hill in the path of the sledders. Walk on the side where it is safe.

This was our snow day:

Here we are violating Rule #3!
Here we go!
We survived!
Time to rest.
After sledding we went in search for a good area to make snow angels.
Trudging through the snow.
Snow Angels!
Building our mini snowgirl!
Prospect Park was absolutely gorgeous. We made our own snow angels and a mini snowgirl. I even came across a tiny igloo. The snow was great, powdery, and clean. After mucking around for about three hours, it was time to go home. On the way back to the subway we found a little diner that sold fresh donuts and hot chocolate. No better way to end an adventure than with such a sweet treat!

Photography Credits: Desmond Chow

NYC Parks: Snow Days

Prospect Park

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