Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boston Common Food Vendor- Daddy's Fried Dough

As a resident of Jackson Heights, Queens, I learned to love and appreciate food from street vendors. Whether they were tacos, arepas, cemitas, quesadillas, or halal food I knew they were made with care. While they are fast food, the preparation was not necessarily fast. I waited five to ten minutes for my food each time and I could watch them carefully assemble my order.

Daddy's Fried Dough
On a weekend trip to Boston, I came across Daddy's Fried Dough in Boston Common. The street cart is located near the Park Street Station T entrance/Tremont Street. Daddy's Fried Dough is available April through November. The fried dough makes for a great snack. Like funnel cake and churros, this snack is fried and often dusted with sugar. It is fresh and you could choose your own topping. It is best shared as it is rich, indulgent, and possibly ridiculously unhealthy. Also, make sure you grab a stack of napkins. You're gonna need it. That powdered sugar flies everywhere!
The fried dough plain and simple.
Pick your topping. Cherry?
Boston Cream?
Even better. Boston cream with powdered sugar and cinnamon!
Just as good. Apple with cinnamon and sugar!

Daddy's Fried Dough
Tremont Street and Park Street
Boston Common, Massachusetts

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