Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Not To Write About Food and Still Write About Food

Rox: They sell gyros (pronounced yeer - ohs!) at Wrap-N-Run.
Judi w/ an i: Euros?
Rox: Gyros (pronounced yeer - ohs!)? Gyros (pronounced jhi - ros)?
Judi w/ an i: Oh you mean gyro (pronounced jhi - ro)?
Rox: I swear it's gyro (pronounced yeer - oh!). I saw it once on a commercial.

I was referring to an old Jack in the Box commercial. I like to prove that I am right. So I Googled it.
  • Greek pronunciation: "Gyear-oh, with the 'g' kind of aspirated."
  • "Official" American pronunciation: Like the prefix in "gyroscope" 
  • In practice: "Americans trying to pronounce it in the Greek manner sound just as stupid as when they overpronounce French names for food in restaurants."

Wrap N Run 
788 Lexington AveNew York, NY 10065


  1. I had the same discussion with my younger brother! He corrected me though... I pronounced it jhi-ro instead of yeer-ohs.

  2. Yeer-oh gets too confused with Hero in NY. Unless it's distinctly Greek, I must keep saying GyRo