Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes, we can, can, can, can, can, can, can, can, can!

I first learned about Canstruction two years ago when I was flipping through The Outdoor New Yorker's Flickr.

As a fan of public art, I was immediately intrigued. Canstruction is a nationwide non-profit organization that builds awareness through design competitions. The challenge? Construct a structure made out of canned food. After the competition, all of the canned food is donated to local food banks and feeding programs. If you go to the exhibit, please donate some canned goods to the cause.

Last year's Canstruction was displayed during the month of November at the World Financial Center. What do you think versus the real thing? Pretty neat, huh. I can't wait to see what the teams come up with this year.

The BabushCAN
by Thornton Tomasetti
3,472 cans

A-Salt on Hunger
by Ferguson & Shamamian Architects
2,700 cans

CAN Mario 1-UP Hunger?
by Severud Associates Consulting Engineers
3,600 cans


World Financial Center
200 Vesey St.
New York, NY 10281