Monday, May 23, 2011

Shiny Happy Decorating: The Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale

I moved back to NYC seven years after college. I hopped on Craigslist and for the very first time I went to check out apartments where I would be living with strangers. At the time, having my own place was just not an option. I ended up in a 3 bedroom apartment just across the Hudson River in Jersey City, NJ with 2 roommates. They seemed normal and we actually became very good friends. The key was that we all respected each other's space and we were rarely in the apartment at the same time. Even though my living situation was prime in regards to NYC scenarios, I couldn't help but feel as if I had regressed back to dormitory style living.

king & queen vase $42
One day while walking through Soho, I browsed through Jonathan Adler and bought a little king & queen vase. They wrapped it in a brown box and tied it with a ribbon. It wasn't a gift for someone else but it was a gift for me. I told myself I would open it up when I got my own place and then start from there to build my dream apartment. The box sat in my closet for a little over two years.

Six roommates later, I couldn't take instability any longer and decided to set out on my own. I got a wonderful prewar one bedroom apartment in Queens and had more than enough room to house and fit all of my existing furniture and future tchotchkes.

I love Jonathan Adler. His design philosophy of having everything to invoke happiness and whimsy into a home is totally me. I love prints, bright colors, retro, and clean lines. Every year Jonathan Adler has a huge warehouse sale in Brooklyn. I first learned about the sale through email and was bummed when more important things came up and I could not attend. This year, I scheduled it into my calendar and made it a point to check it out. I brought along my sister and a friend. The three of us outfitted our apartments for less than $150 combined. We bought bowls, picture frames, end tables, vases, etc. Many items were on sale for $8 and less! Next year I am bringing a car.

New Yorkers with their SUVs and station wagons!
Furniture up to 50% off
X Bench 
Alpaca Rug
Pillow Cases
Warehouse/Sample Sales are an excellent way to shop. Many of the items are closeout items, floor samples, production samples, and overstock. Brands just want to get rid of stuff to make room for the upcoming season and stock. I've shopped many a sale for designer jeans, housewares, furniture, and purses. The good stuff usually goes on the first day but the last day has the best deals. Good bye second hand/college style living and hello high style.

Jonathan Adler