Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Creators Project DUMBO- Saturday Music/Art/Film

"The Creators Project is an ongoing global arts and technology initiative created by Intel and Vice in order to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression."
                                            -- the creators project

Brooklyn was on a trip of sorts when The Creators Project teamed up with New York to bring its two day festival of music, art installations, and film to DUMBO last weekend.

Granted admission was in demand. The eager had to RSVP in advance and pick only one day during the festival to attend due to the large amount of traffic The Creators Project attracted. Not everyone got in. A few days before the event, everyone who RSVP'ed either got an e-mail that said, "First things first-- you'll need to pick up your wristband," or ,"We're sorry to announce that we are unable to confirm your RSVP for Saturday, Oct. 15". Selection was done randomly.

The festivites ran all day from 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM. There were multiple stages for concerts and open galleries for art installations, film screenings, and dj showcases.

A$AP Rocky
Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky and Clams Casino was the first full show I caught. I like to be in front to feel the full intensity of the artists and bump with the music. ASAP Rocky was ready to rock and rumble, as rap was the new rock and roll that day. They were heavily interactive with the crowd and 10 minutes into their performance they jumped into the audience to crowd surf and a mosh pit was created. Beverage cups full of liquid were thrown and after all of that I quickly escaped to the back. I decided I needed to get to safety before I got caught in the ruckus.

After A$AP Rocky, the music took a dramatic turn and into the genre of electronica. At the Tobacco Warehouse, Yuksek, from France, got the fans grooving with his vocals, keyboard skills, and backup of guitar and drums. He was quite charming with his French accent and little quips. The energy was full force. Yuksek will be in New York for the rest of the week playing a few shows in the Lower East Side for the CMJ music festival.

Los Angeles based DJ Nosaj Thing broke it down with a live video installation while he spun. The kid, often in a trance and extremely focused, is awesome to watch and his beats are banging. He was very sweet and soft spoken as we posed for a picture together.

As for art, The Creators Project had numerous light pieces, mechanical structures, and rooms of oddities.

Origin by United Visual Artists
Six-Forty By Four-Eighty by Zigelbaum + Coelho
Diskinect by Team Diskinect
Film crossed paths with music when Spike Jonze's Scenes from the Suburbs had a heavy influence from Arcade Fire. Other short films that were viewed were Edouard Sailer Shorts, Follow Follow, and Night Fishing.

Scenes from the Suburbs
Food was provided by Brooklyn Flea and The Creators Project kicked off a week of art to gawk at (Origin is on display until October 23) as well as promotion for Karen O's musical interpretation of Stop The Virgens.

Day turned to night, the music pumped louder, and the crowd kept growing. DUMBO was alive and The Creators Project gave way into a second day of full fledged affairs. Curious to see what type of drama made it to Gallery Girls? The show taped throughout and it's possible you made it into the background if you were walking around The Creators Project. Ah, Brooklyn may have made you into a star.

The Creators Project

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