Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cupcakes Take The Cake 7th Anniversary

Founding Editors Nichelle Stephens (L) and
Rachel Kramer Bussel (R)
Attention all cupcake lovers! There is a new cupcake bakery in town. Georgetown Cupcake from Washington DC has moved into Soho. I'm happy to hear that another cupcakery has moved in. As overexposed or boring they may seem, there's nothing like a cupcake to quench your sweet cravings. I could go for one right about now. Being that it is 9:00 PM and I am stuck in Queens, I'll just visit one of my favorite baked goods blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. Heard of it? They're quite popular, if you didn't know.

The number one cupcake blog Cupcakes Take The Cake celebrated their 7th anniversary last December at the Soho Gallery For Digital Arts. It was an extremely tight space with all the cupcake fans in attendance but everyone was sweet and the event was pretty orderly. Tickets were sold for $10 and granted drinks, Driscoll's berries, and unlimited cupcake tastings.

The event was busy and packed with over a hundred people confined in a tiny space. Cupcakes lined the perimeter of the room as well as a main table in the middle. The big name cupcakes were present such as Buttercup, Magnolia, and Sweet Revenge as well as a slew of independents such as Robicelli's, Suzie Cakes, and Lux Sugar Bakery. There were two gluten-free cupcakes by Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery and Polka Dot Cupcake Shop.

If all that sweetness sounds like it was too much, bowls of mixed nuts were available to balance out all the sugar with a little salt.
Happy Birthday Ms. Cupcake!
There was one cupcake by Nibbles by Nora that was neglected. It was a very artistic cupcake as well. Nibbles by Nora's "7 Year Itch" cupcake was a cherry 7-Up cupcake covered in a lemon honey buttercream disguised as Marilyn Monroe. It even came with a white chocolate cake cup "skirt". I tried it and found it pretty tasty. Perhaps it was the real estate as some of the cupcakes that were placed in the corners went unnoticed.
Cupcakes galore tasting table
Those who ventured to all areas of the room were rewarded as there was really no shortage of cupcakes at this event.
Miniature vanilla cupcake
Congratulations Cupcake Takes The Cake! Can't wait to celebrate with you again this year!

Cupcakes Take The Cake

Soho Gallery For Digital Arts
138 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10014

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