Monday, March 5, 2012

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show- Part I

Meet companies and chefs from around the world!
Ever wanted to sample your way around the world? Learn about the restaurant industry's latest trends? Experience a pastry competition? Know the secrets to building a business online and through couponing?

The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York began yesterday, March 4th, and will go on through Tuesday, March 6th. It will be three days worth of food samples, demos, and seminars at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

The exhibit opens daily at 10 AM and what better way to start the morning than with a sample of Blue Marble! This Brooklyn based organic ice cream parlor won Time Out New York's 2009 Eat Out award.  They were handing out little cups of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

Individual serving sizes of Blue Marble
Too sweet to stomach? Adam Tiberio is on hand to show off Tiberio Custom Meats. He is chopping up a little head cheese made out of pig's head, feet, and other scraps.

Delicious jellied pig head.
If you're looking for beefier and heartier food samples that could substitute for lunch, make your way through to the Japanese section. They are handing out tote bags for Japan Week (festivities in New York run from March 1 - March 11), sushi, Japanese barbecue, tofu, and lots of ramen.

Japan's #1 ranked ramen chef in Japan Shigetoshi Nakamura was creating pork ramen for Sun Noodle. Sun Noodle, which is based out of New Jersey, offers four different types of fresh ramen noodles: tonkotsu, whole wheat, tsukemen, and temomi. These noodles which can be wavy, flat, or straight are matched to a ramen's unique broth.

Japan's celebrity chef Shigetoshi Nakamura
Pork Tonkotsu ramen made by Japan's #1 ramen chef
The food samples were endless and included all types of cuisines from all over the globe. Pace yourself!

There is a lot to experience at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show. Stay tuned for Part II.

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

Blue Marble

Tiberio Custom Meats

Sun Noodle

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