Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pie Face- The Newest Australian in Manhattan

One of Pie Face's clever campaigns
Like pie? Dessert? Mashed potatoes and smashed peas? BBQ? Thai chicken? Pie Face, an Australian savory pie and dessert chain, is starting to make its mark in NYC. They recently opened up their second location in Manhattan's Murray Hill. I got to attend their launch party courtesy of Google. It was a smashing event with unlimited tastings of savory pies, desserts, Australian themed drinks, and Australia's specialty cake lamington!

Owner Betty Fong
I had the opportunity to chat with Owner Betty Fong for a bit. I asked her how pie played into Australian culture. She said she grew up eating these savory snack pies and in Australia they are everywhere. Fong loved them so much she decided to open up Pie Face.

The pies are miniature and perfect for small bites. A trio of pies would make for a meal. Get two savory and one sweet and you've got yourself the perfect balance. The pies are cute and coded with faces drawn. The mouth is a letter to designate the type of pie it is.

General Manager Warren happy to serve pie!
B is for BBQ!
V is for Vegetarian
For a heavier option a "stack" is available. A stack is a pie topped with mashed potatoes, smashed peas, and gravy!

The sweets are endless and range from apple pies and cheesecake to chocolate mousse and key lime pie. I tried everything and loved it all!

Pie Face is a full bakery and cafe as well.
I've passed by the Times Square Pie Face location many times before and never took interest. The Murray Hill location is much more spacious but still no seating. Now that I know what Pie Face is all about, I'll be stopping by. Sure beats an American Hot Pocket, that's for sure.

Pie Face
507 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022


  1. I think John and I grabbed a bite to eat there when we were waiting for the taping of The Late Show. It was pretty good. I kinda wish I tried The Stack.

  2. I had no idea how big of a fan base Pie Face had until I posted this and a few of my friends said they were going to have it for lunch! It's good!