Friday, October 12, 2012

Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar - All Access

All Access VIP Ticket Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar 2012
The Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar VIP Ticket All Access Pass was like the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The ticket granted admission to three days worth of events at the Lexington Armory. These events ranged from a kick off party to a global tourism themed day and one catered especially to families. The Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar literally brought the pages of Travel + Leisure to life.

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing in Chile? Mexico? Taiwan? The Global Bazaar showcased many countries by creating mini environments replicating the feel of each destination. The result was far better than an Epcot experience. I can't say if it were close enough to the real thing but I did feel like I got a taste of Barbados, Morocco, and Belize.

Mexico sampling Real Minero Mezcal
Each booth and country represented was interactive. Whether it was through food, drinks, customs, or dance, each visitor was given a chance to be immersed into the country's culture and what they have to offer. I was impressed with Puerto Rico. Their draw was an indoor scaled down version of the real life one mile 900 foot zipline through Puerto Rico's jungle. The Travel + Leisure's version was 20 feet high and about 10 seconds lasting. It was quite a thrill.

That's me getting ready to zipline.
Puerto Rico's indoor zipline
Gourmet food was a big draw to the Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar. Some of New York's finest chefs represented their restaurants. A few even came flew in from around the country.

BVI 12 featuring Chef Kenneth Molyneaux and Chef Imran Ashton
Firecracker Shrimp, Smoked Escolar Dip, Conch Fritters
Build your own mojito bar PATRON
As strong as you want it with a souvenir engraved muddler
Kakaw Belizean chocolate
Park Hyatt: Poached Quail Egg Crostini w/ Creamy Mushrooms and Truffle Butter
Marriott's Chef Dean Max: Blues Creek Lamb, Pine Nuts and Currents, Cauliflower Espuma
Sunday was the family fun day. Each destination catered to a family friendly atmosphere with activities such as face painting, dance, hair braiding, jewelry making, and live characters. I especially liked the family day as it was calmer, more breathable, and relaxing.

Easter Island body paint
Spain Flamenco Vivo!
In the end, the whole experience left you with rejuvenated wanderlust. Time to start planning a vacation!

Make your mark!
To the land of Bjork! Why not?
Special thanks to Stella Dacuma Schour of Stella Dacuma Schour Photography and Cooking With Stellaaa and Sara Markel-Gonzalez of Under The 7: The Roosevelt Avenue Project for inviting me to be their special guests. Stella won tickets from Girl Gone Travel. It was really nice to finally meet Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel. I had been following her on Twitter as @nycitymama for the past year.

Photography Credits: Roxwriting, Desmond Chow

Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar
Lexington Armory
68 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Stella Dacuma Schour Photography
Cooking With Stellaaa

Under The 7 : The Roosevelt Avenue Project

Girl Gone Travel
Twitter @CarolACain

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