Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amsterdam- Borough of Noord

One of the best tips we got from our Amsterdam guidebook was a one sentence description about the free ferry system. The NDSM-Werfveer line is a 15 minute ferry ride that runs every 15 minutes on weekdays. As New Yorkers with the Staten Island Ferry, we were confident that getting on the NDSM-Werfveer was a pretty safe gamble to see and experience something new and very local about Amsterdam.

We followed the signs to the ferry behind Centraal Station. It's a short walk and a clear path with little room for error to get lost. Once we got to the pier, we were greeted with an electronic clock that counted down the minutes until the next ferry arrived.

The boat was comfortable and spacious enough to fit everyone from the crowded dock. The ride was smooth and we saw a nice view of the city and the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. Before we knew it, the ferry had landed on NDSM, the largest shipyard in Amsterdam. The borough of Noord is a growing city of residents, bars, art space, and creative markets.

We were clueless and knew nothing about Noord. What we found was a peaceful and desolate area home to some wild graffiti. There were a few people hanging out, taking pictures, and drinking at a local outdoor bar. We wandered into an empty warehouse that is transformed during the weekends into a giant market. The Noord is a great area to explore if you love something edgy and raw.

Netherland Shipbuilding Company Building
Like A Rocket
Post Industrial
Hanging Out
Across the IJ
Photography Credits: Roxwriting, Desmond Chow

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