Saturday, September 27, 2014

New York Secret: Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop

Follow the Arrows
The Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop in Gowanus has got to be one of New York City's best kept secrets. It's a great reason to venture out to Brooklyn.

If you really want to make the trip worthwhile, follow this itineray:

Brunch at Dinosaur BBQ
Some adventure exploring Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop
Dessert on a rooftop at Ample Hills Creamery

Getting into the Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop is like making your way to the Wizard of Oz. Ring the doorbell, have them buzz you in, and then follow the arrows and zig zag through the warehouse maze to Film Biz. Once you open those doors, it's like a land of make believe. Let your imagination run free.

Film Biz is really meant for movie sets and theater. It's where you go when you need period pieces and d├ęcor. Cell phones as big as your face? Fake food? Gurneys and IV fluid? They'd have you ready for your film set in no time.

Dessert Food Props
For people like me (and maybe you) who like to putz around and take goofy pictures, it's like a giant playground. Plastic turkey legs. Baby dolls. Shag carpet. A churro stand. Each corner represents a different scenario.

I recommend visiting a few times. Film Biz decorates for the seasons. For Halloween, it's like a miniature haunted house! They also have all sorts of costumes which you can rent or purchase. Care to be a fireman? Corn? Carmen Miranda? A football player? The options might surprise you. Enjoy!

Scary Skeleton
Halloween Display
Halloween Display
Cake Costume

Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop
540 President Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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