Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrity Sightings: They're Real People Too.

Jason Derulo                                              Anne Hathaway
It's amazing who you see when you keep your eyes open. I have a tendency to let celebrities go unrecognized but lately I've been doing good and spotting them.

-Jason Derulo was walking down 5th Avenue with two of his homeboys. His friends were dressed much nicer than him in suit vests. Jason was blinged out and pretty casual in nice jeans. The three of them were pretty low key but their dress made them stand out. No one bothered with them, just one foreign tourist who took a picture with Jason with her cell phone. Jason actually looked lost on 5th Avenue. He kept looking around and actually he didn't look very interested in the stores. I wondered if he would have felt more comfortable on 34th Street at a Foot Locker.

-Anne Hathaway was holding on to the subway pole on the L train. A flamboyant gay guy exited at Bedford, turned around, and gave her an Academy Award speech, "Thank you. Thank you so much for the work you do. You do such beautiful work. I am such a fan of yours, etc." I was listening to my iPod and was a little confused as to what was going on. At first I thought she was some sort of MAC cosmetic artist since she was dressed in all black. I looked at her face and recognized her. I WAS TAKING THE TRAIN WITH ANNE HATHAWAY! I debated asking to take a picture with her or taking a picture of her but I decided to leave her alone. She looked uncomfortable with the attention and tried to deflect it. She was with her boyfriend and then they preceded to canoodle on the train. I went back to sleep. When I got off at the Lorimer stop, they got off as well. I think the boyfriend lives in Brooklyn. We parted ways at the turn style. Everyone's reaction to this sighting is, "She takes the subway?!" Yes. She's just like you and me.

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