Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salt, Fat, & Everything

Oink, we did it again. Intentionally. My friends and I (consisting of two chefs, a bartender, two pork enthusiasts, and someone with a bottomless pit) went back to Salt & Fat to order the whole menu. It was planned and we conquered. Surprisingly, everything was better than the last time with a few twists and turns and new dishes to boast. The servings also got bigger. Price stayed the same.

Highlights on the new items were the Chili Shrimp, Scallops, and Crispy Pig Trotter Torchon. The chili shrimp sat on cubes of watermelon. Oh man I am loving the use of watermelon in dishes. It's quite refreshing. The Crispy Pig Trotter Torchon was like a crabcake but bigger and full of pork. The scallops were sweet and came with a corn salsa. The quality and presentation of the small plates at Salt & Fat are really impressive. Oh how I love Queens and Salt & Fat for keeping everything affordable.

For the staples, the "Crack" & Cheese and Hanger Steak was much improved. The gnocchi wasn't dry and the steak was juicier and more rare. The Fried Chicken was heavenly and the Pulled Pork Sliders and Korean BBQ Wraps were tied for favorites.

The biggest surprise for me was dessert. We got one of each. The last time we went, I remembered the dessert to be bad. This time, it was good. The rice krispie was fresh, not frozen, and soft and gooey. The marshmallow ice cream was amazing as well as the avocado flavored one. We found the yuzu sorbet super tart. The Lime Panna Cotta was delish and we topped everything off with our own homemade Basque cake. The waitress even dug in.

We kept a copy of the menu to make notes. As you can see it is stained with sauce and commemorated with piggy. How. Very. Appropriate. And telling of the meal. Oink!

First Meal at Salt & Fat

41-16 Queens Blvd.
Sunnyside, NY 11104


  1. from the piggy pic on the menu, I strongly suspect that the other person is Stella...

  2. Clarification there was more than just two of us! We're not THAT much of pigs... :)