Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ice Cream Transporter

A few months ago, dotmenu hosted a New York Blogger Meet & Greet at the dotmenu headquarters. There was plenty of food to be had (all food from restaurants listed on allmenus and Campusfood) and plenty of bloggers to meet. I noshed on Insomnia Cookies, Monster Pizza, sandwiches, and other typical college fare. dotmenu runs allmenus and Campusfood. The two sites are an online ordering system for restaurants in the area. The difference is that Campusfood is geared towards colleges and incorporates a gaming aspect. Earn badges, dukedoms, and credits for food fame and freebies. Eating is fun! Competitive! Rewarding!

One of the giveaways from the event was an allmenus picnic bag. I was really impressed with it. The bag came complete with drinking glasses, napkins, plates, and silverware.

Just add wine, cheese, meats, and more. Ready for a picnic!
Of course, like all freebies, the bag sat in my apartment unmoved and unused. One hot Summer day, I realized that my ice cream voucher for Emack & Bolios was about to expire. My friends were busy and there was no way I could eat through $20 worth of ice cream on cones. I decided to buy pints and bring them home but needed a way for the ice cream to not melt. I sold my car when I moved to NYC and Emack & Bolio was at least a 45 minute commute home.

@Stellaaa had the brilliant idea of using the allmenus bag as an insulator. I decided to give it a try and brought it to work. At the end of the day, I took anything frozen from the freezer to use as ice packs to keep my ice cream frozen.

A lined and waterproof picnic bag.
An m&m ice pack and frozen Coke to keep the ice cream frozen.
I was able to buy three pints of Emack & Bolio. I walked about 9 avenues and 8 blocks in 92 degree heat and sat on the train for 25 minutes. When I got home, the ice cream was still frozen!

Purple Cow, Cake Batter Oreo, Chocolate Mint
I'm a big fan of ice cream. I assure you. I will be using the allmenus ice cream transporter tactic again soon.



Thank you Jeffrey Tastes - Queens Qustodian for passing along the invitation to this event.

@Stellaaa's write up about allmenus


  1. You definitely need to teach me your freebie skills. I know I'm supposed to learn that kind of stuff in college...unfortunately for me, I actually only learned things relevant to my degree :( Be my freebie guru!