Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Philly Naked Bike Ride 2011

The Philly Naked Bike Ride took place on Sept. 4, 2011. I was lucky enough to get a front view of some full frontal nudity. It was quite a scene and definitely something that made my weekend trip memorable.

How often do I get to see hundreds of naked bikers, joggers, and rollerbladers out on the streets of Philly? It was certainly a first and the event only happens once a year.

The Philly Naked Bike Ride is meant to promote positive messages of body image, awareness of fuel consumption, and advocacy for cycling. I heard many men yell out, "Stop the drilling!" People wore costumes and the bikes pretty much stopped all car traffic for a good 10 minutes or so.

I didn't see any cops, any arrests, or any misconduct. All in all it was a pretty tame event. My friends and I chuckled, "Did we really just see what we just saw?" Ladies and gents, here are the pictures to prove it.

The beginning of the ride.
Red Light
Body Paint
Bjork in the Background
Live Free or Die
Till next year! Happy Naked Bike Ride!
Photography Credits: Philly Naked Bike Ride (logo), Roxwriting

Philly Naked Bike Ride