Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nothing Like a Fall to Put the Pen into Gear

"In life, there are moments when a girl is bound to fall flat on her face.  That's when I take a moment, and say to myself - it's okay - get back up sexy." -- Restaurant Baby

My writing partner has been a source of inspiration. She is smart, classy, fun, and a great listener. Our writing workshops segue into discussions about life and are used as a tool for a greater understanding of where we are in our writing. I've always had the phrase in the back of my mind, "Write about what you know."

My blog is about city life, food, events I attend, and more of the like. I try to stay away from diary tell all posts. It's not something I am entirely comfortable with anymore. I wanted a blog with structure and strong bones, not one that told the tales of a woe me whiner. As I go deeper into the blogosphere, I'm beginning to realize that it is necessary for me to open up about my experiences in order for me to become a stronger writer and to connect better with my audience. I will be bold. I will be fearless
I will be a little bit braver with each word I write.

Restaurant Baby

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