Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrity Sighting: Padma Lakshmi

Saturday, 3/19/11

Spotted: Padma Lakshmi with her baby and nanny at the 10th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show. She is strikingly beautiful in person and her baby is really cute. This celebrity sighting makes up for missing Katie Couric who practically bumped heads (literally) with my friend minutes before and me not recognizing Mark Ruffalo who walked right past me and stared at my face in the East Village.


  1. I still think the title for this post should be: "Celebrity Sighting: Padma-See-Ew"! C'mon, who doesn't love a thai food dish reference!

  2. I said Padma. My friend called her Parma.

  3. That is so cool! Why is it, that whenever i go to NYC, I never see