Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Q: Got Fabric, Furniture and More? A: Architectural Digest

This year marked for the 10th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show. The exhibition lasted for four days from March 17-20 at Pier 94. Admission granted for the design show, DIFFA'S DINING BY DESIGN, and Artist Project New York at Pier 92.

The show featured a wide variety of products and services for the home from appliances and outdoor furniture to interior design consultations and general contractors ready to build you a tiled pool. Looking for a home security safe? Bird bath? Vintage posters? The Architectural Digest Home Show had it all.

Here are some examples of what exhibitors brought to the show:


aviva stanoff: Sea Fan, Peacock on Calypso, Jewel in Smoke

aviva stanoff, a local designer based out of DUMBO in Brooklyn, fashions pillows that are soft and luxurious. The pillows are hand made, silk, and feather down. The one exception on texture is the Let it Rock line. Encrusted with jewels, these pillows catch light and sparkle.

Door Knobs 

Sun Valley Bronze Art Glass Collection
The Art Glass Collection presented by Sun Valley Bronze reminded me of Venetian glass. Each piece is a work of art. Sun Valley Bronze partnered with Jesse DeMoss to create a collection of hand blown door knobs. The designs are one of a kind and captivating. I couldn't help but stop to admire the craftsmanship.


Prouna, maker of fine bone China, incorporates Swarovski crystals into their dinnerware. Simple and elegant, these dishes emit just enough accent and flash to be modern while still being traditional.


(L-R) elise Black, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, The Paris Apartment
Lighting came in all shapes and sizes from 8 foot tall floor lamps and spherical chandeliers to sturdy table lamps and sconces emitting mood lighting. Some of the pieces had the industrial look while others evoked 18th century romance. They were made out of all types of material. From copper, aluminum, porcelain and crystal beading to glass and recycled bottles.


dbOHome: Prototype Desk
I was going to highlight a few desks and coffee tables but did not want to detract from the Prototype Desk made exclusively for dbOHome. It was designed and built by Daniel Oates. The legs are hand carved and wood is live edge Claro Walnut. I love the natural feel of it and the lightness of it. The three levels offer variance and the desk conceals two drawers well. If I heard correctly, the Prototype Desk is valued at $22,000.

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show seemed endless at times. There was even a live auction taking place. It was less packed than The Armory Show which took place at the same location two weeks before. I was able to see and enjoy the show in one day without returning. All too convenient, there were quite a few seating options available for me to rest when I needed a break. My favorite was the movable Iglu daybed made by sky line DESIGN. It looked like a giant wicker apple. Without a hint of green on it, the brown palace was made for the outdoors and the inside was pretty cozy. I'd sleep under the stars if it sat in my backyard. Ah, the Architectural Digest Home Design Show is good for dreaming.

Architectural Digest Home Design Show
Pier 94
New York, NY 10019

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