Saturday, March 26, 2011

My, That's A Big Shoe You Got There

New Balance BB888HW, Size 16 "4E", Retail Price: $99.95
Why yes, yes it is.

This is not an optical illusion. I am holding up this shoe and it is wider than my body. It is a men's size 16, 4E width New Balance Basketball shoe. It is black and white, free of air pockets, and there are no gel elements in the sole. This is all to adhere to government regulations.

I buy and sell shoes for a living. Did I mention that all of my customers are inmates in federal prisons? Quite a conversation piece, isn't it?

Aside from peddling shoes, I write. I maneuver around the web and I have a bevy of virtual friends. I enjoy what I do. Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. In a way, I do. My day job keeps me stable, pays my rent, provides me with benefits and grants me the funds to live a luxurious life. When the day dwindles down, of course I report back and share my experiences through social media. I love the interwebs but my sales training has taught me how important face-to-face communication is. You can paint any picture you want of yourself on the internet but a real life meeting is going to tell all. In upcoming posts, I plan to share the things I've learned and observations I find thought provoking. My blog is varied and will really be about anything on my mind for the moment. I hope you are enjoying it.

Thanks for tuning in thus far.

There is much more to come from Spam Is Better Fried!

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