Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where in the World is Carol and What is She Doing?

I have a friend named Carol who travels around the world for fun. She doesn't go to the typical tourist areas, although I am sure she has been to those before. These days I hear stories of Carol balancing owls on her arm, riding camels through the desert, and eating yak in the Himalayas. She's traveling right now and I thought it would be interesting to guess what she is actually up to. I'll get the full report soon enough and report back. Let's see how close and how far off I actually am.

A. LHR - Carol emailed me saying she was in the London airport Heathrow. She must be stopping over for a connecting flight. I highly doubt she went there just to hang out. The last time I was at Heathrow I was amazed at how thick the air was from all the smokers even though there were designated smoking areas. A smoking ban on all enclosed areas in the United Kingdom was enforced in 2007. I will have to ask Carol what the airport is like now.

B. Carol is en route to New Delhi where she will be "for a few days". Just how many? She didn't say but I'm guessing six. Otherwise she would have said "a week" and I think three days is too short "for a few days." What do you think of my detective skills?

I have no idea what there is to do in Delhi, despite three of my old roommates being Indian. They've told me things about India but I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. I wonder what type of interesting curries Carol will eat and if she fell victim to the "Delhi Belly".

C. Tashkent - Where? I had to look this one up. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan! Uzbekistan makes me think of Borat even though he was from Kazakhstan. I wonder if she will encounter any Russians.

If you would like to play along and guess what Carol is up to, feel free to post in the comments. Hey, we could even turn it into an elaborate adventure, although I am sure there will be some truth to that tale. Carol was once mistaken for a spy!



  1. Oh i know. Im waiting for all the tales!!! She has said that she has never gotten sick travelling!

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like her!

  2. Yes! Blue ribbon as opposed to blue hair!