Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Saturday: Clinton Cove & The Armory Show

One of the things I love about New York City is that there is always something to do. Whether I want to spend the day alone, have planned something with my friends, or am invited to an event, there are always options. This week was a big week for art in NYC. There were a number of fairs and festivals taking place. The one that immediately caught my eye was The Fountain Art Fair since it supported independent galleries, street art, performances, and music. Although that was my immediate plan for the weekend, I decided to pass it up because my friends and I received complimentary passes to The Armory Show at Pier 92 and Pier 94.

Clinton Cove, located next to Pier 94 in Hudson River Park, turned out to be the perfect meeting spot for my friends. It was a beautiful day in NY and we took advantage of the warm (59 degrees) weather. There were benches all along the park but we only got to rest a little bit before spying a giant wine bottle. Giant is an understatement. This wine bottle was larger than anything you could find at Costco. It was 30 feet long and 8 feet wide.

Malcolm Cochran, a professor at Ohio State University, based Private Passage on the Queen Mary's stateroom. There are portholes along the side that allow you to see into the wine bottle. The portholes on the top act like skylights allowing light in. You'd be surprised. It looks like a house in there complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and sitting room!

The Armory Show featured modern and contemporary art. Here is a sample of some of the artwork at the show.

"Boy / Dog" Ben Stolle, 2010

Richard Heller Gallery
Tony Oursler
      (A)                                          (B)                                          (C)

(A) “New York is a lot of Work” Reed Seifer, 2011 
(B) “The Whole Summer of Midsummer Suns” Jacob Hashimoto, 2009  
(C) “Hoody” Erwin Wurm, 2011

Admission to The Armory Show also included access to it's sister fair Volta NY. Volta NY, on a much smaller scale, was dedicated to solo exhibitions by emerging artists. Spraypainted on cardboard, EVOL's take on urban society really caught my eye. 

The Armory Show is held over four days. It would really take that long to see everything in leisure. I had sensory overload after two hours. If you plan on attending the event next year, don't forget about the wine bottle on Pier 86. Although not part of the Armory Show, it is one thing you won't want to miss.

Clinton Cove Park
Hudson River to West Street, from 55th to 57th Streets
New York, NY

The Armory Show
Pier 92 & 94
New York, NY


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    sorry i missed this. :( would have rather been with you ladies.

  2. Hello Jocy! I think Tenpenny more than makes up for it! Cheers to many more yet to come!